The Adventure You Are Looking For!

Through the LEAD Venture program, you can pursue God, discover your calling, travel the world, grow in leadership and develop G.R.I.T. This will be the hardest year you’ll ever love!


Pursue God

Learn how to study God’s Word while you pursue God as a community.


Discover Your calling

Gain insights into who you are and get a framework to discern God’s will for your life.


Make an impact on the world

Take up to two short-term trips overseas and engage in local outreach.

Recent Posts

Why Does God seem absent in times of Temptation?

Just like any other believer, there are certain things in my life that are easy for the enemy to attack me with. During these times, it seems like temptation is so strong that I can’t get away or ever walk in victory. To make matters worse, I start praying to God in hopes to find […]

Why You’re Not fulfilling your Calling

One of the big questions we may have is, “what am I called to do?” and we try to search the web trying to find answers. With idealistic mindsets, we set off into the world working hard at what’s in front of us and trying new things but still coming short in understanding what God […]

How to Hear God’s Voice

One of the most important things you can ever learn as a believer is how to hear God’s voice and if you are anything like me, you are desperate for Him to speak to you. I’m glad that you’re desperate because unless you’re desperate you won’t really hear God speaking. So here are 5 practical […]

Recent Podcasts

012 | Ministry in Urban Context with Pastor Pete Ziolkowski

In this episode of the Kinetic Leadership Podcast, Program Director Kenneth Ortiz dialogues with Pete Ziolkowski of Imago Dei Church in Milwaukee about the importance of diversity and the essential keys to being successful in church ministry in urban settings. Check out Imago Dei Church

011 | Greatest Lessons Learned in Ministry with Pastor Jason Stonehouse

In this episode Program Director Kenneth Ortiz dialogues with Pastor Jason Stonehouse of Grace Church in Roseville, MN about the greatest leadership lessons he has learned in local church pastoral ministry. Learn more about Grace Church here: Check out Pastor Jason’s Website: Check out Pastor Jason’s new book: Something More

010 | How To Make “Tough” Decisions With President Dan Brokke

  In this episode Program Director Kenneth Ortiz dialogues with the President of Bethany Global University Dan Brokke.  This time they discuss how to make tough decisions from a leadership standpoint. Resources: Leading Change (by John P. Kotter)

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