About LEAD Venture

Why not spend one year investing in yourself?

Recently I had a conversation with a gentleman in my local church who is nearly 70 years old. When I asked him about his experiences as a young adult, he told me about the amount of time he had spent doing things that didn’t help him later in life.

In my experience, this is quite normal. Many older people look back on their young adult years wishing they had learned more about themselves, taken more adventures, and traveled the world.

Lead Venture is a unique gap year experience where you get to invest in yourself, discover your calling, and spend time on the mission field. Is there really a better way to spend your first year of college?

Life isn’t easy. But if you develop a rock-solid relationship with the Lord and discover what he created you to do, you’ll be well-prepared to take on any challenge and face any difficulty.

Quite honestly, it’s hard to come up with any previous generation that has faced what your generation is now facing. We’re living in an era where many people are increasingly more hostile towards the Bible, and even many Christians lack commitment to the mission that God has called all of us to.

For you to be fully ready for the challenges that are on the horizon, we believe it is essential for you to spend time investing in yourself, growing your relationship with the Lord, learning how to use your unique design for God’s kingdom, and taking on adventures that will expand your perspective. Lead Venture is designed to be the perfect experience that gives you all those things.

Lead Venture is a two-semester gap year program. You’ll spend four months on our campus here in Minnesota learning and training, then you’ll spend four months overseas serving and growing.

During the first phase you’ll take classes and attend various workshops where you will learn lots about how to develop as a person, as a disciple, and as a leader. You’ll learn how to study the Bible, how to grow in your faith, and you’ll be a part of an incredible Christian community. Mostly, you’ll learn how to be all God is calling you to be!

During the second phase you’ll go overseas where you’ll serve in all sorts of ministry, you’ll participate in many wild adventures, you’ll learn another language, and you’ll develop the missional mindset that God is calling all Christians to have.
This is an amazing experience that will change your life forever.

Is it hard? Absolutely.

But those of who really want to make a difference aren’t afraid of hard things. People who really want to make a different take ownership of their faith and willingly face great responsibilities. But no matter how tough it may seem, I can promise you this: When you’re in your 70’s you’ll look back and you’ll be thankful that you took one year out to invest in yourself!

~La’Tia Coleman, Program Director