Frequently Asked Questions

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LEAD participants are mentored and trained in multiple areas. When you walk away from the LEAD program:

  • you will have a stronger understanding of the Bible, theology, and the Gospel.
  • you will learn how to develop spiritual disciplines in your life.
  • you will receive professional training and learn how to be an effective leader.
  • you would have discovered your own unique design and learned God’s calling for your life.
  • you will be equipped to live a missional lifestyle and be a part of the Great Commission.
  • you will have an incredible crew of new friends.

Absolutely! We invite you to be involved in what God is doing with your young person during their season here at Bethany International. You are absolutely more than welcomed to visit any time.

The costs for the first semester is $4,750 (USD).

But it’s a little more complicated than that. Allow us to explain. The tuition rate for all LEAD students is actually $6,550 per semester. In addition, all students are charged room & board costs of $4,000 per semester and are also charged software & students fees of $750 per semester. The total cost is $11,100 per semester.

However, LEAD Venture participants receive a 100% scholarship towards their tuition.

Yes, 100% of your tuition is paid! Learn More about it here.

So, once your tuition is covered, you are only left with room & board fees as well as the software & student fees. Therefore, the actual total out-of-pocket costs for you to participate in the LEAD program is only $4,750 for the first semester (that’s $4,000 for room & board + $750 for software & student fees).

This applies to all LEAD participants in all three tracks.

The LEAD Venture (standard track) students will go overseas for the entirety of the second semester.

The costs for this overseas experience is $6,500 (USD) which does not include student fees and software fees.

This amount will be fundraised! We’ll teach you how to do it.

This amount does NOT apply for students in the Media track or the students in the Prayer & Worship track.

Students in the Prayer & Worship track will spend their second semester of the program on our campus, therefore the costs and fees for the second semester are the same as the first semester.

Since tuition is 100% paid, you are only left with room & board fees as well as the software & student fees.

The actual total out-of-pocket costs for the second semester is $4,750 (that’s $4,000 for room & board + $750 for software & student fees).

Students in the Media track will spend their second semester of the program on our campus, therefore the costs and fees for the second semester are the same as the first semester.

Since tuition is 100% paid, you are only left with room & board fees as well as the software & student fees.

The actual total out-of-pocket costs for the second semester is $4,750 (that’s $4,000 for room & board + $750 for software & student fees).

The time spent in the LEAD program will thoroughly prepare the participants for the future through personal development, and help they develop a clear vision for the calling God has for them.

After participating in the LEAD program it is our belief that all participants will launch into college (and all their future next steps) with grander purpose and direction as well as a strong foundation built on Godliness and a mature love for Jesus.

As a part of Lead Venture (regardless of whichever Track you choose to be in) you will take various classes where you learn a lot about theology, the Bible, leadership development, self-discovery, and missional living.

For the LEAD Venture (Standard Track), you will spend one semester on campus and one semester overseas, learning lots about the Bible, theology, leadership, missions, and how to discover your unique calling, so that you will maximize your life for Jesus!

The LEAD program includes all of these components:

  • Daily classroom lectures and group discussions on a variety of Biblical and theological topics
  • Daily classroom lectures and training on leadership principles
  • Scripture reading, study, and memorization
  • Personal mentorship and weekly accountability small groups
  • Weekly chapel services
  • Collegiate-level courses
  • Requirements to listen to a variety of Podcasts
  • Requirements to watch a variety of YouTube videos
  • Requirements to study and/or read from a variety of books and blogs
  • Practical hands-on experience and professional training through ministry placements
  • Weekly outreach opportunities
  • Weekly hours required for Prayer in the “Furnace Prayer Room”
  • Leadership retreat and transformational special events

In addition to classroom lectures and discussions, students will also be a part of a vibrant Christian community that consists of 250+ Bethany Global University students, university faculty, ministry staff and interns, Bethany Gateways staff, and retired Bethany missionaries who live on the campus of Bethany International here in Minnesota.

The community here on the Bethany campus is one of the greatest aspects that you’ll experience as a part of LEAD. You’ll learn so much from the other people here on campus, you’ll love making memories with them, and you’ll develop many great life-long friendships.

No. LEAD Venture is for anyone who has a relationship with Jesus Christ, desires to grow in their faith, and is open to being used by God!

LEAD Venture may not be for everyone. Every application is prayerfully considered by our admissions committee. We screen all potential participants to ensure that the program is right for them.

We will contact you by phone or by mail within a few weeks to notify you of your acceptance. Once you are notified, your housing deposit will be due within a few weeks.

In some cases, yes, but on a very limited basis. Typically, students are not able to make that happen.

We want to make it very clear that there are a variety commitments and significant workload for all LEAD participants. There will be limited opportunities for outside employment. We run a very busy schedule. If you have specific questions about this, please contact us ASAP.

Yes. The LEAD Venture program follows the same schedule as Bethany Global University. There is a Thanksgiving break, a Christmas break, and a spring break. Contact us for exact dates.

Dating is not prohibited if you are in LEAD. Yes, you’re allowed to date, but we want all participants to be very cautious and Christ-honoring.

The spirit of LEAD is designed to create an atmosphere of spiritual growth and intimacy with Jesus.

Often times romantic relationships are the #1 hindrance to spiritual growth.

With all that in mind, our leadership team wants to be “in the know” when it comes to your potential romantic relationships (even if you’re dating someone “back home”) and we ask that you remain open to our advice, insights, and guidance. Our leadership will be proactive in seeking to mentor you in this area.

We will never seek to be “controlling” and we do not presume to know the will of God for your life. However, our leadership team does want to be well-informed when it comes to participants dating (or any form of close relationships with the opposite gender), and we ask that you allow our leaders to guide you and hold you accountable in this area.

In some extremely rare cases we may ask a particular LEAD participant to take a “dating fast” for a few weeks (or maybe longer) if we see any serious “red flags” in that person’s life. These scenarios are rare, but when they do come up we expect LEAD participants to follow our guidance. We promise to always handle these situations with discretion and with the utmost of pastoral care and gentleness. We will always have your absolute best interests in mind.

If any LEAD participant ever has a desire to start a romantic relationship of any kind, then we would simply ask that you speak with a member of Bethany Global University leadership and we ask that you remain open to our insights and counsel.

LEAD participants live in the dorms on Bethany International campus (located in Bloomington, MN) and our participants eat all their meals in the main cafeteria of Bethany International.

Our dorms and cafeteria can be considered relatively “typical” when compared to most colleges of comparable size. To get more info about our dorms or see photos, simply click here.

If you’re interested in scheduling a visit to check out the campus, simply contact us today.

All applicants that visit the campus prior to attending LEAD receive a scholarship towards their program costs.

Yes. We place a high priority on education. Therefore, we require each applicant to have a high school diploma or GED.

We are not looking for specific demanding requirements, per se. We are looking for potential participants that will be committed to growing in their faith, people committed to learning more about the Bible, people that are hungry to be mentored, and are open to being used by God anywhere in the world. If you posses these things, then it is highly likely that you’re a good fit for LEAD.

As a part of the application process we will collect references and transcripts, as the means to help determine your readiness for the program.

Yes. You must have graduated high school with at least a 2.0 GPA (or maintained a 2.0 GPA in any college experience) in order to be admitted.

We do allow some applicants to be admitted with a lower high school GPA on a very limited case-by-case basis, if there were some extenuating circumstances.

For any applicants that do not have a high school diploma (but have a GED), we will then rely heavily upon interviews, references, and/or other application requirements to determine your readiness for the program.

No, not 100% of the money is due at the start of the semester, but there is a payment due on registration day when you arrive on campus.

In most cases we require that all participants meet all financial deadlines and remain current on their payments.

However, we recognize that this might not be possible for some people, so there is a potential for an adjusted payment plan, if needed. If you are unable to pay in full on registration day or if you are unable to meet the financial deadlines, simply connect with your admissions representative to discuss a potential custom payment plan option.

The mission of Bethany International is to “take the church to where it is not.” Bethany International has been faithfully training and sending young adults to the nations since the 1940’s. LEAD is an extension of that mission.

We believe that individuals in their first few years out of high school have an opportunity to invest time and energy into spiritual and emotional growth that will spring board them forward towards a life of effectiveness, purpose, fruitfulness, health, and peace. Not everyone is supposed to go as a missionary to the ends of the earth, but all of us as Christians ought to be involved in the Great Commission in some manner. LEAD is designed to help young adults identify how, and in what ways, they can grow in their personal spiritual journey and in what manner they can be involved in the Great Commission for the rest of their lives.

As a member of the LEAD Venture program, you will take various classes and learn about many different topics. Our overarching primary focuses are:

  • Discover your calling
  • Biblical studies
  • Leadership development

We want you to know what God has called you to do, we want you to be Gospel-fluent, and we want you be to a good leader!

By the time you graduate from LEAD Venture, you will have a better grasp on the Bible and theology, you’ll be a better leader with professional development and practical work experience, you would have learned a lot about yourself and how to determine God’s purposes for your unique divine design, you will be equipped and trained to play a role in the Great Commission, and you would have been a part of an incredible community that pushes you to grow in your faith.

Absolutely! And we even have married people housing/dorms on campus.

Yes! Since LEAD is an accredited educational program, it is eligible for Title IV funding, government-guaranteed student loans, and any form of FAFSA student aid.

In most cases, we encourage potential LEAD participants to engage in fundraisers or seek sponsors as the means to pay for the costs of the program before considering loans.

It depends.

Lead Venture is an education-based program and therefore, according to IRS regulations, any payments we receive towards tuition are tax-deductible.

However, for those students going overseas for their second semester, the costs for their overseas components can be fundraised, and any donations given towards those costs can indeed be considered tax-deductible.

Yes, we do require it. Most LEAD participants stay on their parents’ insurance. But if you have been dropped from your parents’ policy or if that in no longer an option or if you cannot afford health insurance on your own, we can help arrange inexpensive health insurance here in the state of Minnesota. Contact your admissions representative for details.