Dates & Costs

LEAD Venture is surprisingly affordable for a full year worth of college with a GAP year program.

Start Date
August 19, 2020

$0 (Tuition-Paid Model)

Standard Semester Room, Board, Fee’s

LEAD Venture Semester Overseas
$6,645 (Will be fundraised)

Tuition Costs

You’re in luck, your tuition is paid through a combination of grants and scholarships. As a Bethany Global University student, you DO NOT have to pay for tuition (some restrictions apply, more on that below).

Bethany Global University utilizes the Tuition-Paid model to keep your experience affordable. It’s not that there is no tuition, but that it gets paid through the following means:

All qualified students who choose to receive the tuition-paid benefit are required to apply annually for Federal Student Aid by completing the FAFSA online. Federal Pell Grants are applied to tuition costs.

All students take part in a Practical Training assignment in a department on campus. Students who successfully meet the requirements of Practical Training receive a scholarship. By the end of the school year, this scholarship covers more than half of the student’s annual tuition costs.

After the Practical Training Tuition Scholarship and Pell Grant are applied to tuition costs, the remaining cost of tuition is fully covered by the BGU Tuition Scholarship. If you qualify for federal student loans or private loans, they may cover all or part of the costs of room, board and required annual fees.

Who Qualifies for Tuition-Paid?

To qualify for the Tuition-Paid model, you must:

  • Be a US citizen or an eligible noncitizen (more info here)
  • Be a full-time undergraduate student (not applicable to graduate courses and students who live off-campus)
  • Not already possess a Bachelor’s degree
  • Apply for and accept qualifying Federal Pell Grants (which are applied toward your tuition costs)

Room, Board, & Fees

While tuition is paid, there are still costs for room, board, and fees outlined below:

  • Room Deposit: $350 one time refundable fee***
  • Fall Semester: $5,200
  • Spring Semester: $6,645 (this will be fundraised)
  • Optional Summer Phase (Six Weeks): $1,500

***It is non-refundable until after orientation; it then becomes refundable if terms of the housing agreement are met. Room deposits paid after due dates (May 1st for fall enrollment and Oct. 23rd for spring) are subject to a $150 late room deposit fee.

Possible Additional Fees

  • Parking Permit Fee: $400/year – Provided on a first come, first served basis for those who have paid the fee.
  • Meal Plan Options: $500/semester – Gluten-free/Dairy-free or Double Entrée plans are available. This cost is added to the cost of the standard room and board.
  • Parkway Plan medical coverage: $264/year – due upon arrival.
  • Estimated costs for books and materials: $500/year – students purchase these on their own
  • Payment Plan Fee $150/semester – for those who have a monthly payment plan.

Scholarships & Discounts

Bethany Global University offers the following institutional scholarships and discounts beyond the Tuition-Paid model, which apply to your required annual fees:

Campus Visit Event (Preview Weekend) Scholarship – $300

Attend one of our semi-annual Campus Visit Events (cannot be combined with the Individual Campus Visit Event Discount; one per student; new students only)

Individual Campus Visit Scholarship – $200

Arrange an individual campus visit with the Admissions Office (cannot be combined with the Preview Campus Visit Event discount; one per student; new students only)

Pay in Advance Discount – $150

Pay for the entire year in full, by the first payment due date and this discount applies to your required annual fees (available to freshmen and sophomores)

Payment Plans & Payment Deadlines

If you are unable to pay for the year or semester in advance, a payment plan will be issued to you. The payment plan will be set up in monthly payments. The payment plan fee is $150 per semester. After your financial aid is scheduled, we will contact you to discuss the payment plan amounts.