Campus Life

When you join Lead Venture you’re a part of a family with a purpose; to encourage, challenge, and provoke each other to be more like Christ. As a Lead Venture participant, you will have daily interactions with other students from Bethany Global University, retired missionaries, beyond limits students, and a number of other people who are part of the community.

This happens through the Community & Discipleship aspect of our program. We understand that you don’t just need teachings on how to be like Christ, you need an example. The leadership on our campus wants to become that example and to help you to seek after God. We also believe that prayer & worship are vital parts of our community. Within Bethany Global University we have several events that express our heart and mission.


The four seasons in Minnesota are breathtaking. Each season draws out the beauty of campus in a different way, enhancing midday walks, outdoor sports, and early morning times with God.