Student Life Advisor: The Student Life Advisors are older students seeking to help you grow spiritually and socially mature. They will seek to help you maximize your Lead Venture experience by guiding you through experience.

Life Group: A group of 6-10 people that share life together for a year.  A Student Life Advisor will engage your life group in a weekly small group designed to provoke you to passionately love God through team building activities, encouragement, group discussions, and prayer.

Life-Long Friendships: Lead Venture participants are a part of the community here at Bethany Global University. This is a vibrant Christian community that consists of more than 300 people who love Jesus, and are committed to ministry. The community here on the Bethany campus is one of the greatest aspects you’ll experience as a part of Lead Venture. You’ll learn so much from the other people here on campus, you’ll love making memories with them, and you’ll develop many great life-long friendships.

Mentors: Learning to grow up is hard; trying to figure out what to do in life is even harder. The beauty of Lead Venture is that our staff is composed of people with over 600 years of mission’s experience combined. Regardless of your stage in life, there is someone with life experience who can help you become a more complete and fulfilled individual.

Retired Missionaries: Imagine some of your mentors being on the field for 10 years. Now what if they were on the field for 50 years? Our campus has a deep well of knowledge because of all the retired missionaries who live on campus. For years they have given their lives for the gospel and now they are back on campus to breath wisdom and guidance to you. They will be the grandpas and grandmas to you and the rest of the students. They will share epic stories that will make you laugh, cry, and ponder the deep things of God, all while eating a meal together.

Prayer & Worship: The essence of a real Christian community is found when you and your friends gather to worship and pray to our God who redeems mankind. We believe prayer and worship are some key essentials to a vibrant faith, so not only will we teach you about prayer and worship, we will be doing it with you.