The Lead Venture Retreat

Before you can lead others you must learn to lead yourself. This is only done by knowing how God has designed you. Within that design there is something God has called you to do that only you can do. No one else.

So how do you figure out your design & Calling? Welcome the Lead Venture retreat. It is designed to focus on how God has specifically shaped you and how you can take your leadership to another level in order to discover your calling and lead those around you.

During the Lead Venture Retreat you will learn about yourself by understanding your own core values, personality type, and learning strengths/weaknesses. You will then use this knowledge to develop a plan to fulfill your God given dreams and how to work as a team to achieve those dreams.

Event Activities

  • Assessments
  • Engaging Sessions
  • Challenging Team Building Exercises
  • Competitions
  • Lots of laughter, food, and snacks
  • Games
  • Bonfires

What Students Are Saying

I really enjoyed the LEAD retreat. It was informative and allowed me to learn a lot about my personality. I was also able to learn how others operate and build new ways to communicate with them. Over all it was an excellent experience and a lot of fun.

– Anna

I thought that the LEAD retreat was amazing! For me it was a time where I was able to grow in understanding about myself and others, something that when we lack, we are lost. The retreat helped me find freedom and helped me understand how everyone functions differently but serves the same Father.”

– Joel

I thought the retreat was a great way to use what we learned in the classes to gain a better understanding of who God created us to be in a community building setting.”

– Ashley

The LEAD retreat was a great weekend where all the leaders bonded and grew closer together as they learned more about themselves and each other.”

– Ehren