Reaching Millennials

Written by Ken Freire

As someone who is considered a millennial, there a lot of things I think churches can be doing today to help reach my demographic. The first one is honesty and transparency. We no longer want to see the “perfect” pastor but a relatable pastor. We need to see people who are in the trenches with us. Because of this characteristic non-Christians may call Christians or pastors hypocritical. They think Christians are presenting a false image to them so they don’t trust them and as a result; don’t trust their words about Jesus.

Another way churches can reach out to millennials is to answer hard questions. We as millennials can find anything on the internet and we will most likely Google something before we ask someone in the church. Why? The church likes to give pre-meditated answers. We, in the church, talk in clichés. For example, when the church talks about sex they use a lot of safe words hoping not to offend anyone. But we all know what we get when we Google the word sex. This especially goes for men. In countless mens’ meetings I’ve been to we just address sexual immorality as lust, but never use specific words because it might be taboo. I believe that if we in the church would be more candid and honest in answering hard questions you will see millennials in your church.

Lastly, millennials want to be a part of something bigger. They need a cause to join. They see the injustices in the world and they want to make a difference. When mellenials feel that they can’t make a difference towards the injustices in the world, they shut down and give up hope. When millennials connect with a bigger purpose than their own, they are nearly unstoppable.

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