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Why Does God seem absent in times of Temptation?

Just like any other believer, there are certain things in my life that are easy for the enemy to attack me with. During these times, it seems like temptation is so strong that I can’t get away or ever walk in victory. To make matters worse, I start praying to God in hopes to find […]

Why You’re Not fulfilling your Calling

One of the big questions we may have is, “what am I called to do?” and we try to search the web trying to find answers. With idealistic mindsets, we set off into the world working hard at what’s in front of us and trying new things but still coming short in understanding what God […]

How to Hear God’s Voice

One of the most important things you can ever learn as a believer is how to hear God’s voice and if you are anything like me, you are desperate for Him to speak to you. I’m glad that you’re desperate because unless you’re desperate you won’t really hear God speaking. So here are 5 practical […]

Reaching Millennials

As someone who is considered a millennial, there a lot of things I think churches can be doing today to help reach my demographic. The first one is honesty and transparency. We no longer want to see the “perfect” pastor but a relatable pastor. We need to see people who are in the trenches with […]