Why You’re Not fulfilling your Calling

Written by Ken Freire

One of the big questions we may have is, “what am I called to do?” and we try to search the web trying to find answers. With idealistic mindsets, we set off into the world working hard at what’s in front of us and trying new things but still coming short in understanding what God wants us to do on this earth.

I believe one of the main reasons for falling short is actually quite simple, almost so simple that you tend to overlook this obvious reason.

What’s the answer?

We have forsaken the Word of God.

You may be wondering, “What does this have to do with my calling?” It has everything to do with your calling because the bible tells you that your calling is first and foremost who you are not what you do. In order to realize this amazing truth, we must believe the word of God. Unfortunately believing it can be hard for some of the following reasons:

  1. We blend truths from the bible with other religions. In a world of tolerance we sometimes assume that tolerance means we must accept everything that other people say or that all statements hold equal value. The reality is that the bible holds certain claims that far supersede any self-help books or religious ideas out there. For example, other religions will tell you how hard you have to work in order to achieve eternal life. However, the bible tells us that there is nothing we can do to save ourselves. This is why Jesus came to earth and save those who believed in His finished work.
  2. You stopped following what the bible has asked you to do. Jesus died and gave us the ability to follow his commands not so that we can be rule followers but so that we can have the best possible life on this earth. “Best,” doesn’t mean a comfortable & safe life, it means looking more like Christ. When we stop following God’s ways, we prevent ourselves from seeing the world the way He does. If we don’t see the world the way he does, we can’t actually help the world see Him who wants to restore all things to the beautiful design he created it to be.
  3. You’re more focused on the lies of the enemy than the truths of God. In order for us to truly walk in our calling we must see ourselves the way God sees us. This becomes extremely difficult because everything else is trying to tell us that who we are is based on our achievement, status, looks, or possessions. It’s sad that we fall into the lie that our value is dependent on things that can vanish in a second. But what if our value and who we are has been established once and for all when we came to Christ? The fact that we are children of God & accepted by Him propels us to complete whichever task he has for us because out of gratitude we want to show God our love for Him. So even the smallest of tasks are a joy to us because we know we are fully accepted & this acceptance is not contingent on how well we accomplish the task.

So you see, once you stop forsaken the word of God, you will see that fulfilling your calling becomes much easier.

Why? Because you realize that God’s word is the voice of God that guides you into your calling.

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